Titan Profesional 8000
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Titan Profesional 8000

Titan Profesional 8000

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1. Features


The units of the



Titan Professional

line are automatic machines to control and adjust the water

temperature. They work as heat pumps and switch automatically between heating and cooling to

keep the water temperature in the desired range. The main application will be for cooling down the

aquarium water. But they are also very effective heaters. The Titan 6000 professional has a

heating capacity of 5,200 watts with only 1,400 watts of power uptake.





2. Set-up and installation




The cooling unit must be set up at a well-aerated place

. The complete heat taken out of

the water by the unit and the waste heat of the unit itself are emitted at the unit to the

surrounding air. A build-up of heat directly at the cooling unit leads to a heavily reduced cooling

power output. Therefore, sufficient ventilation is essential.




The environmental temperature should not exceed 35° C




2. The cooling unit has to be connected to a closed water cycle. It is recommended to place the

unit below the water surface (max. 2 m below).

3. Switch the water flow on.






It is important that the water flows continuously through the






Because the temperature-sensor is placed within the unit, the heat exchanger cannot

freeze in case of a failure of water supply.

4. Before starting, the cooler should stand up straight for at least 1 hour. Connect it to 230 V

power source and switch the unit on (plug in the mains and switch on). Now, the actual water

temperature is shown on the display. Because the thermo sensor is placed in the water inlet,

always a temperature which corresponds to the temperature in the tank is shown.





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